A selection of photographs from Margaret McWilliams, daughter of the late Jackie Woods who worked at the Yard for over 50 years.


My dad grew up in Bowling.  He was the eldest of 3 brothers, Jackie, Tony and Stevie, all of whom worked at Scott's .  My dad was born in 1900 so I reckon he must have started in Scott's about 1914/15, when he left school and served his time as a Caulker.  He must have become a foreman about 1939 because he and my mum were allocated a flat at 2 Sutherland Terrace, which I think was owned or factored by Scott's at that time.  I think he was then employed as foreman Ironworker? 

During the war he was part of the part time fire service in Bowling and their base was the Railway Inn at the station and that remained his pub in Bowling until we moved to Milton in the early fifties. 

He retired in 1967 having spent all his working life in Scott's.  He told many stories about his work but I think I have forgotten them all.  I can remember when Jim Sharp visited, my brothers and I were entertained by their stories.  My uncle Tony was killed in the yard sometime after my dad retired.  My uncle Stevie was an engineer, but I am not sure that he actually worked in Scott's, but he is in the Bay Inn photo?  My dad's boyhood friend Tommy McDermott, who I think was the same age and worked in the yard as a carpenter.

Margaret McWilliams

14 June 2013